Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Oroville CARES is a group of like-minded individuals who want to prevent the use of drugs and alcohol in underage people.  We would like to educate our students as to the life-long effects of substance abuse on the adolescent brain.
We meet every third Thursday, every month, in the High School Library at 6:00 pm.
CARES is an acronym for Community Advocates Responding with Effective Strategies.
Our goal, beyond educating about drugs and alcohol, is to effect an environmental change in our community.  To that end, we have sponsored an art contest and have used that art on billboards.  We plan to continue with that endeavor. We recently received a grant from the North Central Washington foundation for partial funding of those billboards.  We are seeking donations to fully fund that project.
We disseminate information to the community via local print media, Facebook, Twitter and broadcast media.
We have informational pamphlets available should parents need additional information in how to talk to their teen about these issues.  Educate early, and often!
Please join us in this worthy endeavor!
Call 476-3612, extension 3011 for more information!